Not a special interest but a hobby: cosplay

Cosplay is something my mom got me into since childhood. My very first costume was a sack of potatoes (LOL). I was Chewbacca for the longest time (Mom made the fur suit). My favourite was Dracula, and I kept that going for years. Mom made a Louis Victorian costume (Interview With The Vampire) for me. It took years before I learned the craft from her and even sewed my own costume from scratch for Raiden. I despise competing in contests, but I have won or placed in several. This is not a special interest or tied to ASD at all (with the exception of not wanting to compete). I DO find it easier to interact while I’m wearing a mask or makeup.

Louisville Zombie Walk (8/26)      Louisville Zombie Attack (8/29)


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Proof That I DO Attempt to Socialize


Yes, socializing is damned difficult for someone like me. Most folks don’t realize how much effort is required just to engage in simple small talk much less carry-on a lengthy conversation. Every single word and phrase is 1) detected, 2) analyzed, and 3) interpreted in my brain. If it’s straight-forward information exchange, I can reciprocate (unless it’s something I have no experience/knowledge of). If it engages my special interests (e.g. movies, music, science fiction, illustrating, martial arts, technology), then I can talk the other person(s) into sheer boredom and will RARELY be aware they’re done with the topic.. I can talk about my special interests for HOURS and RARELY interpret the other person’s facial expressions or body language. Contrary to popular misunderstanding, most of us on the spectrum DO want to socialize, but because of the above-mentioned challenges, we tend to avoid social interactions.  Having typed all of that, I deeply care for my friends and family—in many ways, they’re both one in-the-same.  I just can’t show it or express it worth a damn most of the time.

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